General information pertaining to visitors of this web site is recorded for the website improvement purposes. Generally this information cannot be traced back to individual persons.
If a visitor to this site provides personal information to ASICS Europe B.V., this information may be used to inform contest participants of the results and to inform them and other visitors of new products and services of ASICS Europe B.V. and those of business partners.
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Parental information

ASICS Europe B.V. is aware that children may also be able to visit this site. ASICS Europe encourages parents to supervise the computer use of their children and to consider the use of internet filters.
ASICS Europe B.V. reserves the right to amend this Statement of Privacy if changes in our policy, business operations, the law or legal precedent give grounds to do so.

Statement of Privacy

ASICS Europe B.V. protects the privacy of the visitors of this web site. All privacy-sensitive information that the visitor provides is subject to the provisions of this Statement of Privacy. ASICS Europe B.V. will make every reasonable effort to treat all information provided as confidential and only use it for purposes described in the Statement of Privacy. ASICS Europe B.V. acts in accordance with privacy laws of the United Kingdom.